SEPTEMBER 12th/14th 2024


for World Heritage Sites


Gran Guardia Palace in Verona, will be the prestigious venue for WTE 13th edition

The Palazzo della Gran Guardia on Piazza Bra, the largest city square in Verona and the heart of the Venetian city, is the Grand Palace hosting the thirteenth edition of the World Tourism Event for World Heritage Sites from 15nd to 17th September 2022.

The glorious focal point of the piazza is the impressive Arena, the Roman amphitheatre symbol of the city. Abutting the Palazzo della Gran Guardia is the impressive medieval city gate to the Piazza. Along the Western edge of the wide square is the so called “Liston” that is a wide Valpollicella stone pavement and the traditional place for the Veronesi to stroll; with many caffees and restaurants. Nerby is Palazzo Barbieri, the town hall.

The Palazzo della Gran Guardia is one of Verona’s most important historic buildings. It was designed by architect Domenico Curtoni. Construction begun in 1610 but work was suspended for a very long time and completed more than 200 years later in 1853 by architect Giuseppe Barbieri. It’s intended use was for military purposes. To this end a large porch was included in the design as an area where military troops could be reviewed during bad weather. The ground floor consists in 13 majestic arches, mirroring those of the Roman amphitheatre, and of whicheach has a diameter of 3.5 meters. Today the building is home to prestigiuos exhibitions, important meetings and conferences.

As in the past editions of the WTE, the historic rooms of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia will host the stands of the exhibitors and the many meetings and conferences dedicated to specific cultural and touristic topics related to the World Heritage Sites and Cites. On the first day the Palazzo will also host the b2b workshop organized in collaboration with ENIT and open to Italian and international travel professionals.