SEPTEMBER 21th/23th 2023


for World Heritage Sites

Turin 21/23 September

Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano – Entrance: Piazza Carlo Alberto, 8

Time: 10.00/18.00 – Free Entry

Edition 2023 Presentation


In 2023, Turin will host the 14th edition of the World Tourism Event. An Exhibition for World Heritage Sites scheduled from the 21 to 23 of September. 

It’s a new edition, keeping with the traditional exhibition space for the World Heritage Sites and the b2b workshop reserved for Italian and International professionals. Our new calendar will have insights on current issues related to tourism and conservation, as well as the promotion and enhancement of each of these special Heritage Sites. 
WTE 2023 once again creates an opportunity to learn and experience the history and culture that each place has to offer. 
Unique landscapes and cultural landscape perspective for creating authentic and profound slow travel experiences.
Through unique cuisine, one can sample the local food and wine to better understand what makes each place special.
Climate change is ever more important, placing demands for an even greater commitment for a sustainable, responsible tourism. 
Our generation is the guardian of these World Heritage Sites. It is our duty to protect their legacy for future generations. 
These are some of the themes at the center of this next edition of the WTE. 
Institutional and private professionals will lead the public and show them the beauty of these World Heritage treasures. They will help the public learn of the responsibility to teach visitors the daily reality in local communities. These professionals will help build a network to enhance the unique value of each World Heritage Site. 
Specific focus will be on education in local schools, to help raise awareness in the next generation for the protection of Unesco treasures, offering new opportunities to grow and work.
The choice of Turin, as the location for this year’s World Tourism Event, is because of so many Heritage Sites within the city and in Piedmont. And because of the dynamic and varied tourism sector operating in the area, Turin is the perfect choice for WTE exhibitors to connect with tourism professionals in Piedmont and all the North-West of Italy. 
The World Tourism Event for 2023 offers a place where people can interact and exchange ideas that better serve the preservation of all Heritage Sites. It creates a place where professionals can meet and enrich the tourist experience. Whether it is food, wine or architecture, a World Heritage Site has been chosen as a way of educating and preserving our world for the future.
WTE 2023 is happy to share those qualities that make a World Heritage Site worthy of the designation.
We look forward to seeing you in Turin.